Charity Tournament (April 2022)

April 16-17, 2022, benefitting Child’s Play charity!

The tournament has ended, with $2,570.65 raised for Child’s Play! Thank you for joining us, and see you next time!

Join us as Rainbow Six cosplayers battle it out in the R6 Round Table of Operators’ Charity Tournament 2022, while raising funds for Child’s Play charity!

  • Proceeds will go to Child’s Play charity
  • Prizes made by the community will be raffled off to donators during the event
  • There may be other additional bonuses… 👀


Matches will be played over two days, from April 16 to 17, starting at 10am Eastern Time!

Day 1
starting at 2022-04-16T10:00:00-04:00

Day 2
starting at 2022-04-17T10:00:00-04:00

Join us!


Tournament bracket! See below for text transcription.

Text transcription of bracket

The bracket for the tournament! Starting with matches 1 and 2:

MATCH 1: Crystal Six vs Skill Issue

MATCH 2: The Termites vs The Rat Pack

Followed by...

MATCH 3: Team 6 vs winner of Match 1

MATCH 4: The Two Timers vs winner of Match 2

And the finals...

MATCH 5: winner of Match 3 vs winner of Match 4



Graphics of the roster of Casters

ArtifexWardenDr. AlfredSpectralThreatVak

Team 1: The Two Timers

Graphics of the roster of The Two Timers


Team 2: The Termites

Graphics of the roster of The Termites


Team 3: Crystal Six

Graphics of the roster of Crystal Six


Team 4: Skill Issue

Graphics of the roster of Skill Issue

AndarneDr. AlfredHAWXNeo.SPThorning_Around

Team 5: The Rat Pack

Graphics of the roster of The Rat Pack

LeBrightswordBucky BoicheenChrisDaAsianFrostyOwO

Team 6: Team Spaghet

Graphics of the roster of Team Spaghet

AriBlueStreakIdontmainjagerPhoenix AstralSkyeOfShadow


Matches will be played on Pro League rules, best of 3 rounds.

Map pool:

  • Plane
  • House
  • Fortress
  • Border
  • Tower
  • Theme Park
  • Bank
  • Coastline
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky

Background art by Luxeini!